Contrinex’s easy link to the Cloud – “Connect in 1 minute - Not just Buzzwords”

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Contrinex’s partnership with CloudRAIL makes Contrinex vast range of IO-Link sensors compatible with all the leading clouds in the most simple way: Plug-in a sensor, select the cloud platform of your choice, done! Find out more at

“This is a real bridge between OT and IT and not just buzzwords” - Felix Kollmar, CEO of CloudRail.

Ideally, many Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications would not require a PLC to collect sensor data, if data from IO-Link sensors could be transmitted via the IO-Link master and gateway box directly to proprietary or public clouds for IT-based monitoring, planning and management. Contrinex’s collaboration with CloudRAIL enables it’s customers to do just this, with a gateway solution that is suitable for use with any cloud and can be configured in less than 1 minute.

The inclusion of the CloudRail.Box gateway in the Contrinex portfolio, is a collaboration with a key innovator in the field of industrial integration. The new DIN-rail mountable gateway with 24 VDC power supply, can be configured to support any cloud that collects data for enterprise resource planning, asset management, predictive maintenance etc., including SAP, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alibaba Cloud. This innovative, plug-and-play device allows users of industrial sensors with an IO-Link interface to integrate sensor data into their own IT without the help of a system integrator.

“By expanding our portfolio with a gateway solution that can quickly and easily be configured for any cloud, we aim to simplify the process of sensor integration into cloud-based IoT architectures,” said Annette Heimlicher, chief executive officer, Contrinex.

With a configuration time from sensor to any cloud of less than 1 minute, the CloudRail.Box is designed to allow users to connect industrial sensors directly to their preferred cloud platform, whatever it is – no industry buses, edge gateways or domain knowledge about the operations technology are required. The user just plugs in a sensor and selects the cloud.

Thanks to the modular construction of the CloudRail.Box, this gateway is also particularly easy to extend with additional ports and connected sensors. The user simply plugs in more IO-modules; no further configuration is required. In addition, the CloudRail.Box comes with a sophisticated device management solution that can handle all IoT-enabled devices, even in multi-provider setups.

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