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Contrinex UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss-based, family-owned leader in factory automation sensors, Contrinex SA.


INDUCTIVE SENSORS – As the World leader in inductive sensors, we provide the greatest choice for your application, including the World’s smallest inductive sensors at Ø3mm, and our uniquely robust ‘Extreme’ 700 Series inductive sensors which are capable of surviving abrasion and impact damage to live longer than any competitor.

Watch this VIDEO to see our stainless-steel inductive survive a ‘hammering’, and imagine the reduction in machine downtime and cost savings you can achieve.

PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS – We manufacture sensors ranging from low-cost/high-performance cylindrical and cubic sensors with IO-Link for general detection, to our unique transparent-object detection sensors which use Ultra-Violet light to provide astonishingly reliable detection. Our Light-grids provide measurement or detection at long-distance at fine resolutions; our exceptional colour, contrast and distance-measurement sensors are trusted for their precision; and our vast array of miniature and fibre-optic sensors are used in a vast number of applications.

Watch this VIDEO for a novel application of our miniature photoelectric sensors.

RFID - Our extensive RFID offering includes our HF (High-Frequency) family which fulfils ISO/IEC 15693 and hence is compatible with other manufacturers, whilst offering benefits such as high-temperature and robust tags, IO-Link Read/Write modules and USB Read/Write modules.

Our unique LF (Low-Frequency) system is exceptionally robust and offers stainless-steel Read/Write modules with the option of metal-encased tags in an RFID system designed to excel in environmentally harsh and metal-filled environments.

Watch this VIDEO to see our high-temperature tags survive a ‘toasting’.

ULTRASONIC SENSORSDiffuse & Reflex sensing technologies provide non-contact detection of solid, liquid, granular or powdered materials. Robustness and high-performance provide reliable operation in the humid, dust and fume-filled environments sensing coloured, transparent, polished or matt target materials.

 MACHINE SAFETY - Our extensive Machine Safety product range includes robust access-control light guards, and a choice of slim or robust light curtains to protect machine operators. Our machine safety sensors offer an innovative RFID coding as well as magnetic coding.

Please call 0121 58 222 58, email [email protected]visit  www.contrinex.comor download our catalogue from to find out more.

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